Republic Day Speech 2024 Hindi & English, Prize Winning Speech

The auspicious occasion of Republic Day is celebrated all over India. The day is the day which we celebrate to give tribute to our leaders, freedom fighters, and the Constitution that defines the values of our nation. As we are celebrating the 73rd Republic Day this year in 2024. We even have some speeches that you can give in front of the school assembly, Office, and other public places. This article will provide you with help for the Republic Day Speech 2024.

Republic Day Speech 2024

This year 73rd Republic Day in 2024 will be celebrated with the honour and the vision of our forefather who led the foundation for a sovereign socialist secular and democratic republic. The preamble of the Constitution which shows us the dignity of the Constitution. This is the day to celebrate democracy. It empowers us with fundamental rights and duties. On this day our constitution was implemented and we accepted this Constitution as the people of India.

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Republic Day Speech

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As we navigate the challenges of the 21st century let us uphold the principle of our Constitution, national Resilient and inclusive. The vast diversity of India enriches our cultural tapestry. Together we can build a future that embraces equality and sustainable development for our country. You can check out the speech in easy language on this Republic Day in the below section. So these are some productive and inspiring speeches that you can give in any place.


Republic Day Speech 2024 Overview

Festival Republic Day
Year 2023
Category Speech
Date 26 January 2024
Day Friday
Type 75th Republic Day


Republic Day Speech 2024
Republic Day Speech 2024


Republic Day Speech in English

Ladies and gentlemen, guests and all the fellow citizens, Jaihind all of you. On the auspicious day of 75th Republic Day, we gather with a sense of pride, unity and reflection. As we are here to celebrate the great journey of our great nation and envision the path ahead. On the occasion of the 75th year of Republic Day, India has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation. The struggle of independence to become a global force and a developing nation. As we embrace the future let us renew our commitment and principle that our ancestors enshrined in our Constitution.

The ideal of equality, justice and fraternity must guide our actions and the moment that every citizen shall have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the success of our country. There were many challenges in front of us but we tackled all the problems. So Are opportunities to serve our country. Let us harness the power of innovation, quality education and sustainable development to build a bright future of tomorrow.

Republic Day Speech in English For Students

As we are here to celebrate 75th Republic Day and we are celebrating the re-silence of our democracy and enduring a spirit that unites us all. This is the day to remember our great freedom fighters and leaders who gave us light with the oil of their blood. In the face of global challenges unity becomes our great strength. Our Constitution which is a symbol of equality, justice and the guide of a nation and government towards progress and unity. Let us remember this day and serve our nation with the values shared in our Constitution to foster a collective vision for a bright future.

Republic Day Speech in English 10 Lines

  1. On the 75th Republic Day, let us honour our Constitution that is a guide for Justice  and equality.
  2. Together we stand re-silent in the face of challenges united by their shared values.
  3. Gratitude to our national leaders from which we are able to live a fulfilled life.
  4. Gratitude to those who are defending yourself in borders and upholding our rights.
  5. The tricolour flag symbolises the collective aspiration of crores of Indians.
  6. May justice equality and fraternity remain guiding our principle of living.
  7.  Let us forget in which caste religion we Are born. We should unite that we are Indians.
  8. As we move forward let us innovation and sustainability shape our path to progress as a nation.
  9. Let us salute our national flag and give respect to the preamble of our Constitution.
  10. Let us be members these days, which we get after a long struggle for independence.

Republic Day Speech in English Pdf

We express gratitude to those safeguarding who are not equal to God but also not lost to God who are in our borders and uphold our rights. Because due to their sacrifice importing to the essence of national services, we can enjoy our natural rights. As we march forward embracing innovation and sustainability development. Let us unite together and remember the day of 1950 of 26 January. In the face of global challenges unity becomes our strength and we learn from our experiences. Let this day serve as a reminder of our shared values of national leaders.

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