Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024 – Students Speech idea

Today’s article will provide you with unprecedented information regarding the Republic Day stage management script. Today’s article will prove beneficial for you when you are planning to anchor the Republic Day function to be held in your school or college. Through Script, you will not only know how to anchor well but will also present your image to society as a skilled anchor. So, without wasting much time, let us give you detailed information about the anchoring script for Republic Day in simple and easy language.

Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024

Friends, we have full hope that if you read this article thoroughly, whether you are a student or a teacher, you will be able to easily run the platform under Anchoring Script for Republic Day in Hindi. For which you will have to read this article till the end. Friends, to prepare the script for Republic Day, first of all, you need to have good knowledge about January 26. Why is the 26th of January celebrated?

Republic Day Speech

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So let us tell you the answer to this: on this day, the Constitution of India came into force. The Constitution came into force on January 26, 1950. The credit for implementing the Constitution goes to all those revolutionaries in the country. Who sacrificed their lives for the country. To get Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024, you will have to read this post completely until the end. So that you can get information about the step-by-step process regarding anchoring.


26 January Speech in Hindi 2024 Overview

Article Title Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024
Republic day celebration date 26 January
Indian Constitution came force in 26 January 1950
Year 2024
This year Republic Day celebration order 77th
India got freedom on 15 August 1947
The time taken to make the Indian Constitution 2 years 11 months 18 days


Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024
Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024


Anchoring Script For Republic Day

Friends, while making your anchoring script for Republic Day, you should pay attention to many things, which include the introduction, flag hoisting ceremony, speech of the chief guest, lines for the guests, and performance invitations. You should make your script keeping in mind the script.

  • The first thing you should say under the introduction is, “Hello to all of you. Today we and all of you have gathered here to celebrate the 77th Republic Day. This is a day for us and you and for the history of the country since our Constitution came into force on January 26, 1950.
  • Under the Anchoring Script for Republic Day, you should say that on the occasion of this Republic Day, we should remember those great fighters of the country who were martyred for the country while smiling.
  • After that, during the flag hoisting ceremony, the tricolor flag, the most important flag of the country, should be hoisted by the chief guest. Under Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024, we should say that each color of the tricolor represents a different culture and religion in our country. The white color included in the tricolor represents peace and well-being, the green color represents greenery, and the saffron color represents heroes.
  • On this occasion, you can also speak four lines, which are as follows:.
  1. Three colors and three things; listen to them all and become engrossed.
  2. Green is the color of peace and happiness.
  3. White is the color of truth, prosperity, and well-being.
  4. Saffron is the color of the brave; Shiva Pratap is the color of the brave; and Lakshmi is the color of the brave.
  • After all this, you should do the favor of addressing the chief guest and giving his speech. And as soon as the chief guest finishes his speech, you must say thank you to the respected chief guest. At the same time, you should add that, Chief Guest, your words taught us the lesson of national unity and dignity and gave us knowledge about the importance of the Constitution. We will always be grateful to you for your enthusiasm, understanding, and support.

Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024

If you have been selected for anchoring on the occasion of Republic Day celebrations, then first of all, you must know about the Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024. So here, let me tell you that, as a first step for anchoring, you should start with full enthusiasm and patriotism. After this, you have to ask all the people to please stand up and invite the chief guest, just as you should grace your honored guest to hoist the tricolor with an appropriate and appropriate address.

Now you should start playing the national anthem in the third phase. You will ask all the people in the world to stand at attention. As soon as the national anthem is completed. After that, in the fourth phase, according to Republic Day Anchoring Script 2024, you should introduce that this special day of India, i.eJanuary 26, which we know as Republic Day, is celebrating its 77th Republic Day, and you should also know that it should also be mentioned that we celebrate January 26 because the Indian Constitution came into force on this day.

It is the duty of every citizen of India to follow the rules of the Constitution. Republic Day is also the birthday of all our revolutionaries who fought for freedom. Should be celebrated on January 26th.

Republic Day Anchoring Script in Hindi

  • Introduction
  • national anthem
  • flag hoisting ceremony
  • speech of the chief guest
  • The principal’s speech
  • Speech by any other dignitary
  • children’s speech
  • action song
  • patriotic songs
  • dance performance
  • karate demonstration
  • march past
  • prize distribution

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