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If we consider the statement of astrology, then we get mention of a total of 27 constellations. Out of these 27 constellations, Pushya Nakshatra, which is numbered eighth, is considered to be the best and the king of the constellations, according to Hindu religious scriptures. Today, we are talking to you about it. Through this article, we will provide further information regarding Pushya Nakshatra 2023. For which you will have to come with us till the end of this article. 

Pushya Nakshatra 2023

Although the deity and lord of each constellation are different, similarly, the deity of Pushya Nakshatra is Jupiter and the lord is Saturn. Changes in Nakshatra happen daily; thus, after 27 days, the same Nakshatra returns. If we talk about the naming of Pushya Nakshatra, then we get that the name of this Pushya Nakshatra 2023 is automatically decided according to the day, like the Nakshatra falling on Monday is called Som Pushya Nakshatra, similarly according to every day.

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This nakshatra gets its name, but some scholars believe that if this nakshatra falls on Sunday, Wednesday, or Thursday, then it is very auspicious. If we talk about Pushya Nakshatra falling this year, then it is going to fall between November 4 and November 5, before Diwali. Since Diwali is coming, this nakshatra is considered very special. So let us give you detailed information about this auspicious constellation. For this, you will have to follow us until the end of this article.

2023 Pushya Nakshatra Overview 

Nakshatra Name Pushya nakshatra 
Also known as  King of All Nakshatra 
Date and time 04th November Saturday 07:57 am to 05 November 2023 Sunday 10:30 am
Year 2023
Total Number of Nakshatra 27
Total yoga falling on pushya nakshatra  On 4th November 2023 parakrama yoga, budhaditya Yoga, sadhvi yoga

On 5th November 2023 sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, budhaditya yoga, and shubh Yoga 


Ravi Pushya Yoga in November 2023 Date

Date of Pushya Yoga  Total yoga Yoga on 4th November  Yoga on 5th November  Nakshatra  Pushya nakshatra date and time
4 November or 5 november 4 Budhaditya Yoga parakrami yoga and sadhv yoga  Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, budhaditya Yoga, shubha yoga  Pushya nakshatra  04th November Saturday 07:57 am to 05 November 2023 Sunday 10:30 am 
Pushya Nakshatra
Pushya Nakshatra


Shani Ravi Pushy Yoga in November 2023

If you are also a person who was born in Pushya Nakshatra, then believe me, you can be a very special, lucky, and prosperous person. It has even been said in astrology that people born in this constellation are very strong, powerful, do great deeds, are religious, kind, rich, kind, and truthful. Pushya Nakshatra 2023 will definitely be great because Lord Shri Ram was born in this region. 

Hence, the simile of this constellation increases even more. That is why this constellation has been called the king of the other 26 constellations. Shani Ravi Pushya Yoga in November 2023 According to the information, this constellation is considered very influential not only for men but also for women. It is mentioned in the scriptures that if a girl is born in Pushya Nakshatra, then that girl will be the leader of her family. Fame and fame spread in all directions; such women are kept in the category of great ascetics.

Pushya Yoga 2023 Diwali

One thing has been made clear in this Pushya Nakshatra that comes before Diwali: we should not do any auspicious work like marriage in this Nakshatra. This is because this Pushya Nakshatra has been cursed by Lord Brahma, and since then no one in the Nakshatra can do anything. 

Auspicious work is not done. But all other auspicious works can be done in this nakshatra. Under Pushya Yoga 2023 Diwali, you do things like acquire spiritual knowledge, initiate mantras, acquire higher education, buy, sell, perform yagna rituals, travel abroad, donate or receive knowledge, etc. 

Only doing auspicious work is prohibited in this nakshatra. What is Pushya Nakshatra 2023? Therefore, you can purchase any item like gold, silver, iron, a ledger, clothes, etc. in this Nakshatra because the item purchased during this time gives auspicious results for a long time.

Shani Pushya Nakshatra 2023 Upay

If you are also one of those people who are facing problems due to the wrath of Saturn, that is, you are facing difficulties due to Sunny Dhaiya of Sadesati and Mahadasha of Saturn, then you can worship Shani Dev for this Shani Pushya Nakshatra 2023 Upay. 

You can get relief from Sani Peedha by doing an archana. First of all, you should anoint Shani Dev with mustard oil, and secondly, you should adorn Shani Dev with blue flowers. Thirdly, you should feed the black dog by applying mustard oil to bread. The fourth and last solution is that you should donate milk. I hope you get eternal virtue and sudden wealth.

FAQs Related to Pushya Nakshatra 2023

When is Pushya Nakshatra?

4th November, Saturday, 07:57 a.m. to 5th November, 2023, Sunday, 10:30 a.m.

How many types of constellations are there?


Which constellation is called the king of constellations?

Pushya Nakshatra

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