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Preparations for IPL 2024 have intensified, and now you can take heart because, after the end of the ICC ODI World Cup, the audience is having heated discussions about IPL. All the franchises that have been nominated for IPL 2024 are being discussed by everyone. – Preparations have been started at our level regarding the IPL auction date of 2024. However, for IPL 2024, the franchise has to retain and release the players. 

IPL Auction Date 2024

It is being learned that the IPL Auction Date 2024 deadline has been further extended due to the holidays due to the season due to festivals. Here, we would like to make it clear to you that the deadline for the retention of IPL 2024 has been extended further. November 15, 2023, was proposed, but it has now been further extended to November 26, 2023. 

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However, we have to get the information now. In the auction that will be held for IPL 2024, which players are being tried by which team to join their team, and how much money is left in the purse of which team, which can be used in the auction to be held in the month of December, Players will be traded.

IPL 2024 Auction Scheduled Overview 

Sports Name IPL 2024
Category  Sports
Authority  BCCI
Last date of retain Players 26 November 2023
Total teams 10
Upcoming Season Auction date and venue 19 December 2023 , Dubai
Website  iplt20.com 


IPL 2024 Auction 

According to an old report, information has come to our attention that the IPL Auction Date 2024 will be held on December 19, 2023, in Dubai. Now here we are giving you information about how much money is left with which team, which can be used by any team. According to the IPL 2024 auction, a deal will be made regarding the players.

  1. An amount of Rs 12.20 crore is left in the purse of the Punjab Kings, while an amount of Rs 50 lakh is left with the Mumbai Indians. 
  2. An amount of Rs 6.55 crore is left in the purse of Sunrisers Hyderabad, 
  3. while Rs 4.45 crore is left in the account of Gujarat Titans. Chennai.
  4. There is a balance of Rs 1.5 crore in the account of Super Kings; 
  5. In the same order, there is a balance of Rs 1.65 crore in the purse of Kolkata Knight Riders and Rs 1.75 crore in the purse of Royal Challengers Bangalore; 
  6. There is a balance of Rs 3.35 crore and Rs 3.35 crore in the accounts of Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Supergiants, respectively. Rs. are left. 
  7. Delhi Capitals has Rs 4.45 crore left in its account.


IPL Auction Date
IPL Auction Date


IPL 2024 First Match

Information has been received that for the most famous Indian Premier League 2024, the IPL Auction Date 2024 has been fixed for December 19, which will be conducted in Dubai, UAE. According to a report from a well-known magazine, the list of players who will be retained The last date for submission has been fixed as November 26, 2023. 

Information about when and where the IPL 2024 First Match will be held will also be made available to you soon. According to a report, the IPL 2024 auction is said to be worth Rs 100 crore in the purse of each franchise.

IPL 2024 News

The dates for the IPL 2024 auction have been announced. It is important for you to get this information that the mini-auction for IPL 2024 will not be held in India but is going to be held in Dubai. This is because it is related to the IPL. When the number of people and players reaches thousands, a lot of problems arise in hotels with fewer facilities. 

In such a situation, the second thing that is standing in the way of the IPL auction not being held in India is that Lok Sabha elections will be held in India next year; hence, according to IPL 2024 IPL 2024 News, it is going to be held abroad instead of in India.

Big Update on IPL 2024

On the other hand, during the World Cup 2023, news is being received regarding IPL 2024, and it has come to light that Saudi Arabia is also planning to invest in IPL 2024. This news has come to light, citing reports that Saudi Arabia is interested in buying the shares of IPL. 

Under the Big Update on IPL 2024, it has offered about one billion dollars of money to BCCI. Actually, let us tell you that this report is from last Friday. The decision by Saudi Arabia to buy shares of IPL is being considered a well-thought-out plan by Saudi Arabia.

FAQs Related to the IPL Auction Date 2024

When will the mini-auction take place for IPL 2024?

19 December 2023

How many teams will participate in the IPL tournament?


What is the new deadline fixed by BCCI for all the teams to submit the list of their return players?

26 November 2023

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