Happy Army Day 2024, 15 January 2024, Theme, Quotes,

Indian Army Day is celebrated every year on January 15, and it was first celebrated in 1949 as the first Indian contingent was inducted in this year. Therefore, we all should understand the bravery and sacrifice of the Indian service committed for the security of the country and the interests of the country and respect the Indian Army. The Indian Army works as the soul of India. Today, it is the Indian Army, which works for the overall interests of the country and provides internal and external security to the country. Let us all celebrate Happy Army Day 2024 and support the Army for the security of the country.

Happy Army Day 2024

This year, Indian Army Day is being celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur on Monday, January 15, 2024. The grand parade, march past, fly past, tribute to veterans, and cultural extravaganza will be the main features of the celebrations under Indian Service Day 2024.

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This year, the date, time, and place for Indian Army Day 2024 have been fixed as Monday, January 15, 2024, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Let us make it clear to you that every year on January 15, Indian Service Day is a very glorious and impressive moment in the military history of India. Happy Army Day 2024 commemorates the commissioning of the first contingent of the Indian Service in the year 1949.


Happy Army day 2024 PDF Overview 

Topic  Happy Army Day 2024
Army day date 15 January 
Year 2024
Authority  Indian Army 
Theme Rashtra ki Seva Main
Aadarsh Vakya Svayam se pahle Seva स्वयं से पहले सेवा
Indian Army established date 1949
Happy Army Day 2024
Happy Army Day 2024


Indian Army day 2024

This festival for Indian Service inculcates a sense of pride and security for the country among the citizens of the country and reminds them of their unwavering commitment to Indian Service. Let us tell you in the true sense that Indian Army Day 2024 works as an inspiration in the minds of the youth of the country. 

Which creates a desire in them to engage in the service of the country after being recruited in the service of the country in the coming future. Happy Army Day 2024 is the day when the Indian Army and the citizens of the country strengthen their mutual bond even more.

Indian Army Day 2024 theme

Every year, the Indian Army Day 2024 theme is kept by the Indian Army, and every year this theme is different. This year’s theme has been set by the Indian Service as “In the service of the nation.” It is in this theme that we can remember the Indian Army. 

The basic reason for existence includes protecting the country with dedication, an unbreakable bond, and professionalism. Let us tell you that this theme completely matches the motto kept by the Indian Army. 

Let us tell you that the motto of the Indian Army is “Service before Self.” The reason behind creating Happy Army Day 2024 is to stand by every moment of the Indian Army to protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and well-being of the citizens of the country.

Army Day 2024 Lucknow 

Let us tell you that Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, holds a special place in the history of the Indian Service because Lucknow is the place where many battles and rebellions took place, and we pay tribute to the rich military heritage of the Indian Army and the bravery of its people. gives.  

Under Army Day 2024, Lucknow, let us tell you that Lucknow reflects the geographical importance of the Indian Army. Let us tell you that the vibrant tapestry of Lucknow provides a suitable backdrop for the Army Day celebrations. Today, Happy Army Day 2024 has become a symbol of national pride. Which reflects the unwavering commitment of the Indian Army to protecting the country’s borders and upholding its moral values.

Happy Army Day 2024 Quotes

  • On this Army Day, let us take pride in celebrating our heroes who protect our country’s borders and die for us. Happy Indian Army Day 2024 to all of you.
  • The celebration of Indian Army Day is incomplete unless all of us citizens of the country stand in step with the Indian service. Happy Indian Army Day 2024!
  • The celebration of Happy Army Day 2024 reminds every Indian of the heroes who stand day and night at the borders to protect our country.
  • Without heroes, we are nothing. Without the Army, we are nothing. Best wishes on Indian Army Day 2024!
  • Indian Army Day reminds us that we are safe and happy only because we have our army on the borders. Our heartfelt salute to the soldiers of the country.

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